Marker Track Key Commands missing

According to the Cubase Pro 9 manual there should be some key command functionality relating to Markers that I can’t find in the Key Commands section. In my “Markers” section I only have two possibilities, set marker end/start to cursor. [“Insert and name marker”, “Activate next marker track” and “Activate previous marker track” are missing]

Here’s the section in the manual…

Working with Multiple Marker Tracks
You have added at least two marker tracks to the project and named them.


  1. Select File > Key Commands
  2. In the Marker category, set up a key command for Insert and name Marker
    This command adds a position marker, opens the Markers window and activates the Description column.
  3. Set up key commands for Activate next Marker Track and Activate previous Marker Track.
  4. Activate the marker track for the first narrator, and play back the video file.
  5. At the position where the first dialogue section should be replaced, trigger Insert and name Marker.
    The Marker window opens with the Description column is active, so that you can insert a name for the new marker.
    6.Enter a name or description for the section, and press Return to confirm.
    A new marker is created on the active track in the Project window.
    7.Activate the track on which you want to insert the next marker using the Activate next/previous Marker Track
    key command.
    A message informs you that a different marker track is now active.
  6. Trigger the Insert and name Marker key command at the position where the next dialogue section should be replaced.
    Repeat this procedure for all markers that you want to insert.

Please include this obviously intended functionality in the next update.


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Interesting. I’ve not run into this and I’m not sure I completely understand the problem.

I use my markers mostly in musical contexts – I typically have one for primary cycles and then one or more for particular points in the time-line. I’ve not attempted to use Key Commands to switch from Active Marker Track A to Active Marker Track B. If I can find the time, I’ll have a look at it.

Looks like a typo. The Marker key commands are under Transport.

@Stephen57 The problem is that these Key Commands are not available in the key command window, but are referenced in the manual. They would improve the workflow when using markers. I would say that most people using markers want the ability to insert and name at the same time, instead of the unnecessary mouse clicking to get to the name box.

@SteveInChicago Those commands in the manual entry above (“Insert and name marker”, “Active next marker track” and “Activate previous marker track”) aren’t under “Transport” either, so my assumption is that they should have come from Nuendo along with the multiple marker tracks but were overlooked.

Steinberg- please include these key commands as it would really help with the multiple marker track functionality (I would also like a “Activate selected marker track” if that’s available!).


Ah. Now I see. :confused:

Seems this hasn’t been fixed yet! Nor has it been removed from the manual, if it’s not available. I could use the activate previous/next marker key commands in my workflow. It says its Pro only command when using multiple markers. I hope they put rectify this issue so it can be used.