Marker Track not syncing and some related buggyness

I was trying to sync a project between myself Cubase 10.5 and a friend Cubase 11. but ran into some syncing issue in regards to Marker tracks.

When I added a marker track to the project the Cycle Markers did show in my friends’ session, but the numbering had been reversed.

I then asked my friend to add a marker track.
this did propagate to me after the sync. but as an empty marker track.

Is there a limit to one per project?

We then deleted both and tried to( after saves, and syncs) only add a marker track at his end. Same behaviour. The track itself propagates, but not the markers.

As a workaround, we now exchange the XML of the track export, and can each have a marker track that way. But this seems odd behaviour. It should be quite simple to sync those XML files.

whilst playing around with this, we also noticed that the session time code did not properly sync.

I had started my project at TC 01:00:00:00 as the session is synced to a film.
when he opened the session from the cloud it started at 00:00:00:00

I then noticed that the export from his first marker track had placed its markers at a TC that was prior to my timeline. but even after correcting this manually, the Markers did not show at my end. Also, this did not cause a sync issue (I think it should have) - I mean if one user sets TC at cursor and moves all items along the timeline, that should be picked up somewhere for sure.

So markers seem to only work from host to friend, but cycle marker order is reversed. And a TC bug.
Today was the first day I tried vst-transit. I think it’s a little buggy? But if those bugs are at some point fixed, it’s a great tool! hope this can be fixed - or maybe someone can point me in the right direction if I have misunderstood