Marker track out of sync when pasting time in musical time


This feels like a bug to me.

If I insert time before a tempo change, musical time markers after the change doesn’t move with the the rest of the musical time events. Shouldn’t markers work the same way as for every other track type?

The marker track timebase setting is working like expected when changing tempos. It stays in sync with all other time based tracks.

To reproduce.

  1. Set primary time format to musical time.
  2. Create a tempo track with a tempo change.
  3. Create time based midi parts before and after the tempo change.
  4. Create a marker track and set it to musical mode.
  5. Insert markers at the start of the midi parts
  6. Set the locators over one bar in the beginning of the project and make a range/global copy.
  7. Paste range/paste time.
    8 . The marker track after the tempo change is out of time.

A work around is to set the Marker track time base to linear. Then pasting time works as if it was set to musical. But then you have to switch it back to musical time if you want tempo editing to work. Insert time is also working correctly.

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