Marker Track Visibility

I use a generic remote to move to previous or next marker. It used to work just fine. Now the problem is I’ll use the CC to next marker, but my track or midi edit window is not updated. When I hit play, it immediately starts at the proper marker and continues on from there. If I wanted to go to that marker for editing a track, it wouldn’t be visible at that location in my track window until I hit play. I do have scroll to page on. Any idea of what I hit to create this problem?


How is the command named exactly, please? Could you maybe attach the screenshot of the Generic Remote Setup?

Thanks for answering. Again, it’s moving to the correct marker, but the track or midi edit view doesn’t reflect that it has moved until I hit play.

I use cc 61 and 62 on nanoKontrol. Don’t use them for next or previous track. Just not sure why I can’t see the marker it moved too.


The gotoPrev/NextMarker function doesn’t move the MIDI/Audio Part/Audio Event. It moves the Cursor. If the Auto Scroll is enabled, the editor jumps to the page.

Thanks Martin,
I do have auto scroll enabled. If I zoom out, I can see the cursor has moved to the next marker. I can then click the track in the track view to edit. I can deal with it, but it would have been nice that the Midi Note Editer would also update. Thanks again for your input.
Mike Warren