Marker tracks and alternative recording solution

Hey there,
Since in the development part there is almost no activity, I thought to post my question here:

I have no clue, if I’m writing in the correct place, but I guess, I don’t. However, I didn’t know a better place :slight_smile:

I have one specific task to be done:
On our church conferences we make a stereo live recording for publishing later. The setup looks like this: Sound comes via USB from our DiGiCo S31 to the recording computer. We used to record with Wavelab and did the “Split now” to get smaller tracks. Then they would be accessed over network from the studio booth, where one sits and does a bit of remastering. It was done on Wavelab before as well, but in the last months we found Cubase to work much better for our task.
The recordings are edited and published on the same day, so multi-track is not really an option as it gets too much work there.
However, there are some problems with this workaround:

  1. The recording guy used to make some markers to direct the editors attention to flaws in the recording like coughing or signal issues. But Wavelab markers are not compatible with Cubase.

  2. Recording with Cubase is also not really an option, because we don’t have time to start a new recording or save and close the current project between tracks.

    I already thought about writing my own stereo recording interface where the recording guy has some shortcuts to create Cubase-compatible markers. I did some reverse-engineering with the XML-files, that come from Cubase, when I export the marker track. I should be able to get it to a point, where Cubase would accept a self-generated track-archive with a marker-track inside.
    However, when I look at a track-archive with a combination of a recorded wav-file and a marker track, the difference is like 160 lines of code for the marker-track xml-file to 2150 lines for the combined xml file. It gets a whole lot more complicated then, however it would make the task for the editing guy much easier as he would just import the track-archive into his Cubase-project with two clicks or so. Otherwise he would have to import the audio file and the marker track separately and that would make it a lot less efficient
    Has anyone ever done fiddling with these xml-files before?
    I would love to hear your ideas on that topic or solutions, how you would work on this recording setup. Are there functions like the split now from Wavelab, that would suit our needs in Cubase?

Thanks a lot for your attention and help!

Why would you need to do that? You can record for as long as there is space on your hard drive.

Because the editing is done while the service is still in progress. E.g. the choir is singing, then a preacher comes to the mic and starts the service, next song from the orchestra and so on.
When the conference ends at 17:00, 90% of the service is already edited for the release. Last time it ended at 18:00 and we released the finished recordings at 19:00. It’s just our style of work here. That doesn’t work, when the mastering team gets a 3h recording in one file.