Marker Tracks in Key Editor

Hi Guys.

I find myself missing my marker tracks dearly when I’m in the key editor -
For those who switch constantly between views, it would be awesome to be able to keep the marker tracks visible in some form in the key editor. (which often times serves as a project overview, a substitute for a score aka chord names, melody notes across vast pieces etc.)

Opening the editor from the bottom pane doesn’t follow the playhead in the center and top panes, so that isn’t good as a workaround, and I for one almost never use it, because it’s hard to keep track of an entire orchestra down there.

So… It would save me a lot of time and allow me to perform much more fluently if I could simply follow the marker tracks in the key editor, if they would just be made available there.

Thank you.

Best of hopes.

Yes, I second that. That would be lovely :slight_smile:

I agree. We’ve been asking for this (and not only the markers but also the time signature and tempo markings) since I’m using Cubase (version 9) or before. Maybe someday…

Stop waiting… maybe think about Studio One…?

Markers and Signature now coming to their latest update in v5.1 - due for release today:- (in german - but should be able to translate the page for other languages)

There again, who knows - perhaps Cubase 11 has some of this in store too… :slight_smile:

EDIT:- poster below suggests we are in luck for C11… Nice.!

According to the leaked C11 Document, this seems to be included.

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