I’m trying to set 2 Marker Tracks to offer separate functions?

I made 1 Marker Track to follow all of the Locate points in the entire song. I launched a Cycle Marker Track just for cycling loops for parts I’m working on. When I select the Looped Section I want to cycle, it goes right to it and does what I expect. But when I go back to the full song setting, the cycle end bar remains and I have to manually punch in the End Song measure.

So, I tried making a second Marker Track that was JUST FOR THE CYCLED PARTS of the song. So, for example Marker track 1 goes from Bar 3: Start to Bar 120: End and Marker Track 2 goes from Bar 3: Cycle Start to Bar 7: Cycle End.

What I want to have happen is, when Marker Track 1 is activated, Start is at Bar 3 and End is at Bar 120. But When Marker Track 2 is Activated Start is Bar 3 and End is at Bar 7.

Neither approach (Cycle Marker within the main Marker track or 2 individual Marker Tracks) is working. :frowning: Is there a way to toggle between the 2 settings and have the start end locate points go to their preset location points?


How specifically I’d it not working?
Also keep in mind you can have cycle tracks layered on the same track. Simpler.
I’m just trying to understand however, what behaviour is occurring that you don’t want.

Also, do you have Cycle Region Follow Selection, in preferences, enabled?
I’m asking because that would allow you to always press 1 and keypad Enter, for any region you chose because it becomes active.

Oh BTW Drumagog? I hadn’t heard that name in over 25 years. Lol

When I want to return to the entire song, I have to re-enter the end measure locate point.

I tried that. I expected to just come out of the cycle mode and have the full song available. But the end marker keeps staying on the end of the cycle marker.

Yes, I do.

I’ll try it again using the number pad. I had just been selecting the cycle track directly with the cursor.

Hey, it still works! :laughing: You never know when You might need something like that. You’ll be old some day. You want people to just throw you out? :wink:

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I still don’t have this working like I’d like it to.
Goal: A marker track or tracks that automatically allows complete song navigation or lets me cycle sections by flipping the actve button.

Current Reality: Song is 120 bars long. So total song navigation is bar 1 to 120. The cycle marker is bar 3 to bar 7. When I finsh the cycle work and go back to song navigation, the song is now ending at bar 7, not 120! So I have to keep manually punching in 120 to end position to reset the song.

I want to be able to flip back and forth between the two and have each set of parameters hold.

How do I do this?

So, I tried making a second Marker Track that was JUST FOR THE CYCLED PARTS of the song. So, for example Marker track 1 goes from Bar 3: Start to Bar 120: End and Marker Track 2 goes from Bar 3: Cycle Start to Bar 7: Cycle End.

arranger track? that’s what I’d use for this kind of stuff.

Not clear how that will help. :thinking: That just arranges or rearranges sections of a song for comparison playback.

ALL I want to do is have a FINITE START AND END POINT of the song and be able to bounce around between Cycle Measured Sections for Editing. When I’m done in any CMS, my original start and end points are still there.

Is this request unreasonable? I’ve been looking at tutorials on this for several hours and I’ve picked up a lot of tips. But NONE OF THEM gets me where I want to go! :worried: On a side note, I noticed that none of these videos mentions that 1 and 2 ARE FIXED DEFAULT LOCATE POINTS! The videos imply that you can simply reconfigure the sequence numerically, which is not correct. 1=START and 2=END. So, if you have 20 locate points, your sequence will be 1, 3 -19 & 2 is your end. I don’t understand why they infer otherwise.

In any case, How do you Post Guys handle this? You’ve got a beginning to your project and an end. You need TEMPORARY MARKERS for an ADR session , or you’re just editing a SFX. Do you guys just constantly re-set your overall start and end points?

As you asked for post users response I’ll give my two cents about how I do things. Not sure it will help you at all but anyways.

I use cycle markers for all scenes, cuts, adr lines and sometimes for range specific notes. I have each type on a different track as they are all used at different times in the process of working on a film/episode.

I rarely use the go-to marker number feature. I just have way to many markers for that to be useful most of the time. Especially since what marker track I relate to at the specific time is different depending on what I do.

I rarely find a need to locate that way to be important to me. Whenever I need to jump between two different locations I use zoom-zap or A/B range selections. It does what I need.

Whenever I need to locate between similar scenes I use the marker window where I name and organise my scenes (when I have enough time to do that, not always). For example I just order the list on description and then all same names locations will be after one another and I can quickly jump through the list comparing them or locating an asset used in a related scene.

Nuendo gives us so many different ways to work and focusing on a single set workflow is in my opinion not the smartest way to work.

Oh and as for cycle loop points aka the left and right locator, they are continuously changing sometimes it’s a cut or a scene or a dialog line or a sequence of sounds. I just set it up as needed when I need it and never think about it.