Marker Window Blank - 6.02 on Mac

Hi. I have searched and can’t find anyone else having an issue, but basically my marker window is completely black in 6.02 on 32 bit Mac version. The same for new or existing projects. I have tried it on different monitors and on top and not on top, but it’s still black. Any ideas?


Gentle bump. Still can’t seem to get rid of this.


I have the issue. Just upgraded from Windows XP (no problems) to Windows 7 64 bit and have found this problem.
Very annoying.

A screen shot would be helpful, and also, the latest version to use is 6.0.7 (it’s the first thing support would say).

I get the same issue in 6.5 and im suspicious of possibly corruption issues :frowning: (and i dont mean the political kind!)
I also feel it may be associated with RAM handling and graphics … Anyone have any ideas why when double clicking on a part, the edit window is blank (white) but the play head line is still visible.