Marker Window Navigation

I love using markers window and number pad section on my Logitech keyboard for quickly navigating to sections of my project while tracking and more particularly mixing. So very often I will have more than 10 markers in a project. However, I notice that if I want to navigate to a marker with an ID of 10 or higher, rather than use the number pad, I have to grab the mouse and navigate within the marker window instead. Is there some keystroke combination that I’m missing to accessing higher marker numbers or am I limited to using the number pad for markers 1-9?

Love to hear from anyone who knows.

“To Marker X” is your friend, in Key Commands. In my set up, I’ve assigned Num 0 to this key command. So if You want to go to marker 12, just pressing Num 0, then little windows shows up, then pressing Num1, Num2. Works great.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ve been trying to figure that out. Didn’t realize that the “To Marker X” that appeared was waiting for text entry. Just thought it was undefined and couldn’t figure out what to do in the Key Commands. :blush: That helps a lot!

That worked…thank you so much!!