Markers always visible in timeline

Coming from Pro Tools I’m sorely missing the marker lines that lay over the edit/workspace.
Is it possible to at least have an option to hide or show the marker lines from top to bottom of the main edit/session window?
In this case the marker positions always being visible at a glance.

UPDATE: i’ve removed the request for a fixed marker track on top of the window. track divide already allows that.

Yes to both statements.
We do miss a simple way to see the market over the tracks. That is the single thing when dealing with markers that PT does correctly.

Enable divided track list to keep your markers at the top of the project window.


I use this divided track list that Erik mentioned to work around but would rather do it some other way.
Divided track list is useful and I don’t want to sacrifice it just to have markers visible all the time.

What Erik said… +1 to that.

Could be cool to have an option on the Marker Tracks to display or not always in vertical.