Markers always visible possible?

Is there a way to see the markers on more places than only above the score? I have a large orchestral score and doing a little video scoring and keep on scrolling up and down the score because I loose the bar where there marker is. It would be nice if the marker could be seen all the time, mabe like the blue transparent instrument labels in Galley view?

That’s not possible, but you can show the markers on time code stave which can be positioned above any instrument group (Layout Options/Markers).

I’d like to chime in on this, because there are more things that currently appear only at the top, crashing my workflow.
When working on instruments that are at the bottom of the score and you want to add a double barline, the barline popover appears at the top - outside the screen area -, making me wonder if I have done something wrong. Then, like Andre, I have to scroll up and down again.

Maybe the Dorico team could introduce some space that is fixed at the top of the screen to display those things up there, always visible?

Yes. One more vote for this.

Obviously in the specific case of the popover we ought to find a way to ensure it opens within the visible area of the screen. The tricky case is for global items like time signatures and barlines, since they currently go looking for the top staff to put themselves there. We need to refine that logic so that the popover opens above one of the staves visible in the current viewport. We will certainly address this at some point.