Markers and Video

Hi guys,

Been using Cubase for scoring to picture for a while now but just recently started using markers (I know, crazy right? What was I thinking?) Overall they work great and really speed up my composing but I was wondering if there was a way to lock markers to a place in the timecode. I know there’s the setting when you click on the beat display bar to use a time based mode over musical (sorry I forget the actual name I’m away from home right now), which temporarily solves my problem but if I try to adjust tempo (using warp or by adjusting the tempo track) it automatically puts it back in musical mode. Is there a way to edit tempo without moving the markers? I’m using Cubase 8 Pro on Windows 8 if that helps.


You need to have the Marker channel on Linear Timebase NOT Musical. Any channel that is set to Linear Timebase will not move it’s contents when changing the Tempo Track. I really am wondering how you’ve been scoring to picture for a while and not used Markers before??! Haha! Mad.

You can have Cubase Automatically set new Tracks to either Linear or Musical by default via Preferences.

When you have Markers on the Marker Track you can lock them by simply clicking the “Lock” button. If the Lock Button is not there then Right Click and click on Track control settings and add the Lock button to the Marker track.

I typically have my Master Ruler (at the top) set to Bars and Beats and then have a second Ruler track directly underneath and always visible set to TimeCode. All of this is in the C Pro 8 manual and sorry I can’t be more thorough right now, I am away from my Music Lab


Thanks man!

I knew about the linear vs musical thing but I can’t seem to find a setting specific to the marker track. Just booting up a project now and I’ll see how it goes. Also, I do the same with bars+beats on the main and timecode on a ruler.

Anyways, I should be able to find it by digging through the preferences, and I guess I could have checked the manual… Doh!


Just clued in you can add extra track controls to the marker track… Added the timebase toggle and lock and its golden. You’d think that I’ve never used this damn DAW before eh? haha Thanks again!

Yeah, right click on any channel (Midi, Instrument, Audio, Marker - any channel type - and click on “Track Control Settings”. You can then add any available “button” to be customised how you like. Very useful.