Markers don't work unless there is a marker track added?

Not much of an issue but anyways.

I added a bunch of cycle markers via a key command before I added the marker track, partially because it hit me I probably never have tried it in that order. And … it didn’t work.

So to reproduce.
Add some cycle markers (via a key command?).
They don’t work
Add a marker track and try again
Now you see the markers and they work.
If you hide the marker track in the inspector > visible they still work
Delete the marker track.
Now they don’t work again.

If you bang on your thumb with a hammer it hurts.
Cure. Stop hammering!

Still … it’s a mild annoyance? :nerd_face:


So basically the same behavior as a Chord Track, a Sampler Track, a Tempo Track, a Signature Track…

That is totally weird, I would not expect Steinberg to be that consistent

Unfortunately, @raino it looks like they might not be so consistent… :sweat_smile:

@HowlingUlf Using key commands I can create and jump to cycle markers…

So I wonder what is different in our situations…

AFAICS, and after few tests, it’s a mixed situation which deserved the few observations below, I think, after having created three cycle markers (,,, all with a length) in the Project>Markers (ctrl+M) window :

  • Without any marker track in the project, the Transport>Goto previous/next buttons work, both for the start and the end of each cycle markers created.
  • Same thing with the Zoom horizontal popup options : we are able to zoom accordingly to a cycle marker position and length, using the Marker <n> options.
  • Also, the Recall cycle marker <n> key commands work, as well as the marker area of the transport bar, this, even if there is no marker track.

Beside this, there are two key commands related to the creation of cycle markers, and these work whether a marker track has been created or not :

  • Marker>Insert and name cycle marker (opens the Markers window),
  • Transport>Insert cycle marker (add a cycle marker with the same settings as the ones used for the previous cycle marker created).

So, and at a first glance, the whole cycle marker implementation seems rather clumsy but overall, the whole thing works as one could expect. IMO, the key is to create at least one marker track, though : the whole cycle marker implementation works in a much more intuitive way with it. It can always be hidden if it goes in the way after the needed settings have been done. FWIW…

And … today it works in a new project! Always …

But what doesn’t work without a Marker Track in the project is the “Cycle follows when locating to Markers”. Add a Marker Track and both Cycle Markers and standard Markers work even if the standard Markers make the cycle implode into a singularity, which isn’t very useful I guess. Maybe “Cycle follows when locating to Markers” should work on Cycle Markers alone?

I’m beginning to suspect that what I observed yesterday was this second behavior described above since that’s what I use half the time i.e. the Marker Track works but the “Cycle follows when locating to Markers” doesn’t without a Marker Track added to the project.

Males sense?