Markers from Cubase

Is there any way to get the markers in a Cubase project over to Wavelab Pro when doing an audio mixdown and importing it into Wavelab?

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Not that I know of and I miss this also,
hopefully someone at SB will implement
marker support from Cubase to WL and vice versa.
Could be very useful when making take(s), mixing, editing etc

regards S-EH

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+1 to this!

Yes it is possible. You can even render markers to be converted by WaveLab as CD markers, if they follow this naming convention:

Marker names must contain either:


Note: the above feature was implemented many years ago. I did not check recently but if Cubase/Nuendo is still able to write markers in .wav files, this should work.

sorry but I think this only possible in Nuendo!
I don’t have the latest Cubase 12 so maybe markers have changed?
correct me if I’m wrong…

regards S-EH