Markers in Cubasis 3.5?

Where are Markers in C3?? Is it even possible they don’t exist?

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Create an empty MIDI track. Then some empty MIDI blocks. Then press them for a few seconds and their length will be selected. I use this to mark the parts of a song, 32, 64 or 128 bars. Not ideal but does the job. Hope it helps!

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Thank you kindly for your suggestion. It is much appreciated.

I use a similar trick in Pro Tools to leave detailed notes using instrument tracks. That, AND Markers, is almost a real solution :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I’m still amazed by the lack of a formal Markers system in Cubasis. The cost / benefit would be huge.

Peter J Yianilos

I use that work around too…although markers would be ideal!

I literally don’t have enough spare time to suggest all the things Cubasis lacks for editing. I wish I did, but I don’t. It can all be learned firsthand by doing a little editing in Pro Tools which pretty much is perfect now.

Peter J Yianilos

These days, markers are a de rigeur feature on even a basic DAW!
I don’t use Pro Tools, but Live, DP and Logic all have markers – it’s a given.
I spent half an hour searching after Cubasis on my iPad Pro, hitting M and Option-M and Cmd-M and even browsing the manual :laughing:, such as it is, in detail – no markers!
This is a surprising – and depressing – omission.
I don’t want no friggin’ workarounds – I need markers that can be named and navigated via kbd shortcuts. Yes, I use the iPad Magic Keyboard.
How hard can it be to implement markers? Please!