Markers (in WL 7 Elements)

I guess these are not meant to be available in WL 7 Elements
(though I wouldn’t mind :wink: :

Toolbar: “Start” Options - there is an entry “Play from Start marker” - you can’t select this.

“Markers” window/Tab: selecting one marker in the marker tab (2nd column) one gets a menu
to change the marker type - “Exclusion start” and “Exclusion end” also show up in the menu -
one can select them, but they do nothing in WL 7 Elements.

So long

You’re right, this has to be removed. Thanks for the report.

Just a reminder, since I stumbled upon it today.

The first one has been fixed since then,

but the second mentioned about “Exclusion start” and “Exclusion End” is still present in WL Elements 7
(both in the Wave Edit Window and the Montage Window).