Markers moving after DDP Export


I have an issue when exporting a DDP.

Some of the markers end up at different places when reimporting the DDP, standard method.
You can see on the attached picture, the markers are no longer on frames.

Where could that come from ?

Thanks !
DDP Problem.jpg

Markers are quantized to CD frames, when rendered to DDP.
What is your exact time display unit in your picture? (this is certainly the explanation).

I use this settings :

temporal code,
75 trame per seconds (CD resolution)

with “show trame cents”.

Then I make sure all cents are = .00 as you see on the picture.
If I apply “Quantify CD markers to the nearest frame”, it doesn’t moove my markers since they already are on CD frames.

Maybe upload your montage (without audio), so that I inspect it.

Ok, i’m sending it to you by PM.