Markers on beats rather than on timecode positions

Hi community,

i am working on a silent movie film project and need my syncmarkers to appear on specific beats in a bar, because the music is designed to be played live by an orchestra and is a “little flexible”. For the conductor i need to prepare a topmost sync-stave with the syncpoints appearing on beats.

What i see so far, is that Dorico always and only uses Timecode for positioning. This makes it hard for me to assure, that a marker appears e.g. on the 3rd beat of a bar.

Do i miss something? How would you do it…?

No, this is how markers work: they occur at fixed time positions, not at fixed rhythmic positions. Either edit the tempo so that the markers land where you want them to, or don’t use markers: you could add boxed text at particular rhythmic positions in the music if that’s what you actually want or need.

OK, i tried something else…
What i did now is:
modified my markertrack in layout options to show markers “above system”, added a unpitched one-line percussion instrument, moved it to the top. Now i have a rhythmical grid where i can add my rests in and then move my markers to sit on these rests in engrave mode.