Markers on measure

(after long researches)

Hi all,

I want to put markers on an audio file using a beat&measure ruler. It’s quite a pain as I have to press INSERT then to move the marker to the right position. So I try using the markers window. As soon as I try to edit a marker (to change the beat) it fails… I can’t edit it…it takes the marker back to measure 1… Any Idea?


I would like to use the “marked” audio file in an audio montage and using a second track to snap another audio file to any of these markers…Can’t find out how to do it…if it’s possible :slight_smile:

Thank you


In Markers tab
double click on “Time” field for each marker
change with Mouse scroll wheel or with Key arrow up/down
or simply write numbers
then press Return key when done for each marker

If now saved Audio File (or not) with markers in place
then go to Edit menu scroll down to
“Create Audio Montage from Audio File”
now WL will ask if you want to Transcribe markers from Audio File

create new Montage and select Audio File or Clip(s) already inserted into Montage
then Markers Tab / Functions and use now
“Transcribe markers from focused clip’s Audio File to Montage”

hope it helps

regards S-EH

You could activate Options > Magnetic bounds > Time ruler marks.
Then this will ease moving the marker to the right positions.