Markers problem when importing tempo map from Cubase to Dorico

I can export my tempo track(midi file) and import it to Dorico with the meter, tempo changes, and markers so that’s ok, the problem is that the video in Dorico does not start where it is supposed to and when I put the time code where is suppose to start in Dorico>properties>video start offset my markers are gone, that’s the problem I hope I make my self clear,

cheers and thank you

Thanks for sharing your question here, Jose.

For reference, Jose also posted this question in the Facebook group - here and here.

I would recommend sharing the MIDI file and/or the Dorico project here in this thread, as much as you can or feel comfortable sharing. It’s very hard for people to guess at problems or describe solutions in the abstract.

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hi here is the midi file and the video file


TT.mid (364 Bytes)