Markers, Time Signatures and tempo integrated with the main ruler

My suggestion is that markers, Time signatures and tempo changes should be implemented in the main ruler, granting visibility in all the project, including the several MIDI editors (like the piano roll).

  • Markers would draw a vertical line in order to really mark the project. The region markers would color the selected region.
  • Time Signatures would appear in the main ruler so you can see in which TS you are playing.
  • Also, tempo would be attached to the main ruler so you can see how it is evolving in the project.
  • Moreover, it would be nice if the main ruler could show beats AND time code (or whatever you choose). In the current version, you have to create several ruler tracks in order to achieve this.

Of course, you would have the tracks (which is what you have in the current version). This would be a new feature.

I suggest this feature because it is one of the strangest things Cubase has. It is VERY easy to lose track of your tempo, markers or time signature as they are in tracks. Yes, you can divide the screen but this doesn’t help very much actually.

Every other main daw has a better management of these things. I thing Cubase 10 should take a look at this and improve them as it deserves.

this is a great suggestion, consolidate those features into one lane or track that is easy to read and see

This has been on my “Annual Request” list since SX first came out.

It would probably require a completely new ‘Track Type’ as I can’t imagine it would be easy to make such a thing backward compatible. But the whole array of track types has gotten totally bloated.

I’m sure there are is a small group of users who love have THREE marker tracks or whatever, but my strong suspicion is that 99% of users would appreciate an integrated ruler.

Yes, suntower, that’s why I suggest to have both options. But the integrated ruler is way more useful.

Cubase is great, but it has this weird things which are not that great. The 10th version should improve them (ruler, vst management, expression maps).

+1 but not totally agree with you.

the risk of displaying all this informations in the main ruler is that it is no longer clearly readable. So it must have the ability to select what kind of feature is display (has it is the case actually with dedicated tracks). I think that the tracks split system (divideing screen) works already well in the project window. But in any cases I agree 100% to say that we must have the signature, markers, possibly tempo & co in the piano roll (midi editor window)

This is completely correct. For me, tempo data in the main ruler would be completely unusable. I usually have tempo events multiple times per measure - I use it extensively for rubato-type expression. For me, the main ruler would become unreadable if all the tempo data was there.

As with most things, I think it’s the implementation that would determine how useful such a feature would be. I assume it would be something like the Infoline Overview (which I never use) which could be toggled out of the way if not needed.

But I think 9x% of users would benefit from such a feature. I have cases where, like you, my tempo map looks like a EKG plot. But a -lot- of the time, I’m grousing that I need as much real estate as possible for tracks.

Similar to many posts about timeline improvements… anything in this area would be welcome.

Regards. :sunglasses:

+1 - I like the idea of tempo flags and numbers where nodes in tempo track in ruler also.
I think it was Reaper I first saw having that, and pretty much Cubase as in Time Warp mode.

Workaround to a degree for me is - using divider line and keep rulers in both musical and time, and tempo track above divider.