Markers track?

Is possible add markersi in protect in cubasis???

Hi @Martin_Reyna_Zuniga,

Thanks for your message.

Marker track support is on our list for quite some time, however I’m unable to give you an estimate when the feature might be included.

Please check if the available “locators to selection” feature is of help for you in the meantime:
Making a long tap on an event will place the L/R markers around the event.


Here’s a somewhat related request…

An option to add an ‘Anchor Point’ (this could just be a single ‘marker’ added in the wave/audio-event editor) to an audio event. In practice when moving an audio-event on the time-line the ‘anchor point’ will snap to the grid.

This will make lining up sound effects a lot easier (think of a combined riser & impact sound where the anchor point is set the point of impact somewhere roughly in the middle of the file).

Anchor Point is ‘Logic Lingo’ but I’m quite sure the Big Daddy Cubase already has something similar.


This would be an excellent function for the organization of projects, thank you for your response.

In the meantime I don’t believe in an update of Cubasis 3.
The last one was a long time ago and simple small fixes (e.g. missing gridlines in the wave-files) were not implemented.
I rather think that Cubasis 4 is in the starting blocks.