Markers within Midi Editor

Hi everybody,

There is an awesome thing that I can do in Reaper (see picture) and I believe we can’t in Cubase, not sure.
Is it actually possible to show the Markers within the Midi editor ?? I’d love to be able to do that in Cubase, mostly for chord progressions.


Unfortunately this is not possible in Cubase.

Totally agree

But you can align the editor if open in the lower zone with the marker track just above it…

And you could divide track list and place your Marker track to the bottom list and the other tracks to the upper one (common use car is to do to it vice versa). Then your Markers will be always above the Key Editor in the lower zone. Butt the toolbar of the lower zone would stay inbetween.

Ok, I don’t believe that I’d do that. I don’t want to quibble, if it is not with just a button to show/hide the markers it is not really practicle since I generaly need the full screen editor to see the full voicing but thanks guys for the suggestion. Hope that one day this will be an available feature.
I will make a feature request but i think that is like to play the lottery…

The feature request is there for several years already.

Several years, this is not encouraging…