I’m a former user of Sonar and I ppreciate to see “markers” in the note editor view… It’s very important when we edit a Midi track in solo… to have good repere… It could be the same for tempo…or accords…
Could it be possible to add these kind of tracks at the top of the note editor view ? For me the most urgent requirement is “markers”…

I agree,

I think that Markers, Tempo Map, Time Signatures, Rulers and Chords should be portrayed in the Key Editor.

I used Reaper before cubase and it was a thing I thought was standart. When I first opened Cubase 9 I searched for that until I discover that Cubase didn’t have such a basic and useful feature.

+1 for having the marker track appear in the key editor. This would simplify things for me quite a bit.

+1 Another example of the little things that would make a significant difference in every day work.

As far as notation goes, in the Score Editor you can indeed display markers.

Go to Scores>Advanced Layout>Display Markers

Markers will be displayed in the current layout.