years ago in Final Cut, you could tap M on a clip to put markers on every 2 & 4 of a songs beat.

Is there any way you an do that in Nuendo. I try Hitpoints but it seems you can’t put any kind of marker or hit point manually on every 2 & 4 of a song. Seems like you should be able to do that.

any ideas.

I think combination of Project Logical Editor + Logic Editor + Macros could help.

That’s so much of a work-around-around-around, that you’d be dizzy!

Yeah! ) But at least you can do it if you find the spent time worth it) I did many customizations for myself and now happy to ease my workflow.

Use hitpoints set on 1/4 notes, make midi notes on a track below, delete notes 1 and 3. You’ll have a visual watching the midi track