Marketplace for Cubase tutoring?

Hello. I’m new to the program and overwhelmed with the enormity of material to digest. I’m wondering if there’s a marketplace for tutors where I could pay someone an hourly rate to 1-on-1 learn the program from, by sharing my screen, etc. Trying to compile through the manual and youtube/etc. very specific questions and problems is quite a bit too much.

Thanks for the feedback.


I have just sent you a Private Message.

Hi @Krister1

Steinberg offers a livestream twice a week, running for 4 hours each. Join us there and ask your questions directly to grand master Greg Ondo:


Hola @Krister1 - I second this - Greg is a legend. Plus check out which lists the >27,000 questions Greg has answered over the last few years, and potentially the Discord Cubase Nation as well :).

Next hangout is tomorrow on YouTube at 6pm UK time (18:00 BST) - 13:00 EST, 19:00 CET here

You’ll find some very nice people over there :).


Edit: Disclosure. I’m one of those people :wink: Usually…

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