Marking with a mouse stops working

Hi, need to finish quickly one simple arrangement. Marking with a mouse stops working after few minutes. I restarted Dorico already 3 times. It doesn’t help. After restart program works fine few minutes, after that I cannot mark any note again. I restarted also my Macbook Pro. It doesn’t help. Is it a well known bug? Is there some solution? I am on High Sierra. Could be this a reason, why Dorico stops working?

Aren’t you experiencing the famous “display bug” ? If you change modes when it looks stalled, the control comes back. There are lots of threads about it in the forum and good news is it’s solved for next update…

Thank you Marc, sorry, I didn’t know how to search for that😊 Your answer is very helpful😊 Great to know ir will be fixed:)

Until the new release, I have become very fast with the Command-3, Command-2!