Mark's Cubase PC. RIP

Well, that’ll be an end to it then.

My stalwart PC containing my trusty SX2.2 install has finally and irrevocably clocked it’s last cycle. It might be the PSU, the MOBO, the processor. To be honest, I don’t have the will to find out.

I’ve popped the drive out and put it into a USB2 caddy and it spins up fine and the Macs can both see it, so the data is all retrievable. Such as it is.

If I had the first clue where my Cubase install disks were I might try putting it on the iMac, though I suspect SX2.2 and Snow Leopard have never met, and probably wouldn’t get along if I tried to introduce them. So there we are.

Might make an ornament out of my syncrosoft dongle. Encase it in epoxy resin for future generations to wonder at.

Might buy a house plant instead.

Seriously? Say it ain’t so! :astonished:

Sorry for your loss Mark.

I sympathize; have had three computers (1 PC, 2 Macs) give up the ghost in as many months. I think I can salvage the PC. But both Macs (obsolete as they are) are history.

Please don’t tell us you’re gonna migrate to Logic!

To be honest I’ve had Logic Studio 9 on the iMac and MacBook for over a year, and I love it. It’s just I actually liked both platforms and was happy with both, and I still found Cubase particularly useful for some things - particularly EMU Emulator X, which is PC only - and always will be as it’s now obsolete - I have, sorry, that’s had - a huge library of samples I’d created, in that format, and Jamstix was my go-to drum sampler and rhythm track creator, and again that’s PC only for now. I had done most of the MIDI sequencing for the upcoming album in Cubase, but pretty much all the audio tracking and mixing I did in Logic. I know, crazy workflow, but it worked for me.

I also have the sequencer in the Roland Fantom which is actually brilliant to use when you want to get ideas down quickly.

I really can’t see me replacing the Cubase install, because I don’t have the money right now and 2 major DAWs is a luxury I can’t afford now. (Who knows in the future!)

But since I still have a valid licence on a valid dongle, that entitles me to be here, and you do meet a much nicer class of person here - despite all the gripes about this forum, have you ever BEEN to Apple’s forums? (shudder). So Cubase-less I might be, but I’ll still pop around regularly :wink:

That’s all I wanted to hear!