Marquee selection of notes in write: not allways same result

As I have a little time to try to better understand Dorico and the things that don’t work as I would like, I’m coming back here.
Problem in Write mode to select only notes with marquee selection when there is text: not allways the same flavour

Situation 1. What I want
marqee selection_toujours ok
Situation 2. What I don’t want
marqee selection_jamais ok
Situation 3. sometimes ok sometimes not
marqee selection ok_pasok
I tried with select from below: not ok
workaround that works but I don’t want if possible: one by one: with Ctrl lhold
2. go to “Engrave” select and return to write
3. select then filter
4. Move the text, select notes …the remove it

You could always use Filter>Notes and Chords.… then whatever other items picked up by the marquee selection are filtered out. (It’s even quicker if you set a shortcut to the filter)

but it’s a workaround I mentioned in my 3. point and doesn’t really resolve : sometimes the marquee selection as soon as you clic, select all
marqee selection_selectall

So if we want for example the notes 2 to fifth notes, or perhaps a passage transposed and the notes are outside of instrument range, etc…
The question I posted was more: why does it react like this, randomly…is it a bug?

This probably depends on zoom level. But I very rarely use marquee selection, so I’ve never encountered this.

thank you for this addition
Zoom level doesn’t change anything
Best regards

If you click on staff lines, then everything in that bar will get selected.

In [2], I think you’re clicking too close to the staff itself, and triggering the ‘select all’.

I have all the Filter commands as key shortcuts, so I can select anything, and then press Command F N to filter the notes.

Thanks for your reply and detailed answer and which gives me the solution: the location of the mouse cursor is important and I was clicking too close to the range (afraid of selecting the text)… I just have to move away and it’s ok ! THANKS

Concerning your last point, I also practice this but in no case of worksheet for my improvisation students, I write a lot of exercises like Jerry Bergonzi with only noteheads without rhythm neither stem but text above and without bar lines so that by filtering all the notes are selected and in general I only want a passage which has become outside a range after transposition for another sax for example