Marvericks Patch. Is it for USB situations only?

Aloha guys,

From what I have read from the support pages this patch only mentions USB.
Could not find any mention/info of FireWire issues. (tho’ I might have miss it)

So now wondering,
once I upgrade (and since my external gear is all FireWire),
should I even install this patch at all?

TIA (thanks in advance)

That’s how I understood things, but it’s not very clear.

Do not install. Not if you have a Western Digital HD.

Just a little under the radar thingy that could potentially ruin your life, at the least a lot of your time and money.

I installed it here and it FIXED the MR Extension Integration with Cubase and gave me my headphones back. Go figure??

Tanks guys,

Guess my approach will be to:

1-Upgrade to Mavericks.
2-Install 3rd party audio/MIDI drivers/tools etc
3-Try Cubase.
4-If no ‘worky’ then install the patch.
5-If still no worky, toss the 'puter into the ocean. :slight_smile: just kidding.

(I’ll do all this on a separate partition just to be on the safe side)

@mpayne0 thanks for the tip. I have been hearing about the
WD prob for awhile now on some podcasts. Major Bummer.
No WD stuff here.

Mahalo guys,

Hey guys, what is the WD problem? I have several drives from them.

Hey guys, what is the WD problem? I have several drives from them.

Word of the problem started circulating early last month, with a post on the Western Digital forum, complaining about lost data on a WD MyBook Studio II. Since then, more than 100 posts on a dozen different threads repeated the observation that upgrading to Mavericks leads to lost data on the WD MyBook Studio II.

But the problem seems to go beyond WDD MyBook Studio II external drives; at the very least, the FirmTek eSATA ExpressCard doesn’t work properly with Mavericks, and Promise Technology’s Pegasus R4-based arrays fall over with Mavericks. Until Apple issues a workaround or patch, it would be very wise to avoid using any external hard drive, or any eSATA- or Thunderbolt-based peripherals, on Mavericks systems.

The problem appears to be isolated to external WD raid drives and the installation of The WD Drive Manager, WD Raid Manager, and WD SmartWare software applications.

If your boot drive doesn’t fall into these categories and have already installed 10.9 on an internal drive…you’re probably OK.

Thanks Weasel. I am happily unaffected, those WDs I have are backup drives, plus I will wait for the dust to settle even more before updating to Mac 10.9.

Same here.

Gonna wait at least till 9.1, which apparently has already been seeded
to developers (shhh anybody here have an NDA?). :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have a rule that nothing gets on my computer that doesn’t access my drives through standard operating system APIs. That means anything from 3rd party file system drivers to whatever custom RAID managers external drives might ship with etc.

One can barely trust Windows and OS X to do keep your stuff in order (and frankly HFS+ is very close to “barely”, see John Siracusa’s rants on this – NTFS is quite excellent though). One should not introduce 3rd party stuff to the equation that might’ve had all the testing of “it compiles, ship it!”

LOL, yeah, this is fast becoming a norm.

Well said.