Maschine 1.82 and groove agent take 1:00 to load

I recently upgraded to 7.03 from 6.5, everything is working great except maschine and groove agent take 1:00 to load on the vsti rack. In cubase 6.5 both of these load in under three seconds. All other plugins work fine, including my other native instruments plugs. I have removed all other third party plugins from my directory, reset prefer file, eliminated blacklist file, tried every combination of hyper threading and asio guard enabled and disabled, tried creating a RAM DISK and placed plugins on it. Removed every midi and USB device, updated elicenser, made sure all drivers are up-to-date. What am I missing here to get these plugins to load as fast as in 6.5? I am running 64 bit windows 7, 16 GB RAM, 3.9 ghz processor, windows optimization for DAW, I am stumped!!! Any insight is greatly appreciated, I love the mix console and search functions and don’t want to have to wait for another update before I can use my product that I paid for!! Thanks for checking!

Sorry I placed this in the wrong section!

I uninstalled and re-installed everything cubase related. From 6.0 to 7.03, this solved the issue. The problem I think was I never installed version 6.54, I had installed from 6.5 to 7.03. I guess. Either way, problem solved!!!