Maschine Instrument trackrecording issue with MIDI in Cubase

I seem to have all my midi channels routed correctly but when i hit record in Cubase no data is saved. I can adjust the channel volume in Cubase.

If i record ready Maschine plug in as well it will record there.

Im using cubase 8.5 with maschine 2.0 on a PC

I’m new, so let me know what other info I require to provide. I have watched all the you tube help videos and everything else seems to work fine. someone else must have had this similar issue and might know if I am missing something simple.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


I was able to figure it out. For some reason, if I set up the track manually or as a instrument track it wont work. when I set it up as a Rack Item, the midi track configures itself and im able to follow the maschine settings online. let me know if you have any addional feedback otherwise we can consider this closed. thanks for replying.

So by setting up rack channel you able to record midi from Maschine into Cubase? also you did have to manually changed the midi channels in Maschine and the tru?