maschine komplete kontroll/ultimate with cubase issues

Im using maschine 2, komplete kontrol , and cubase 5 with a ci1 soundcard on a mac yosemite system.

i also have komplete 9 ultimate content saved to a hardrive.

while using maschine and kontrol as a plugin in cubase, the plug ins on the harddrive can not be played with my komplete kontrol keyboard but only on the actual maschine pads. While all the plug ins (also from komplete 9u) wich is saved on my computer can be played by both maschine and komplete kontrol. I also had this problem on maschine standalone but this was solved by going to file>audio and midi settings and activating komplete kontrol (put them all onv virtual, port 1 and 2 etc) . this option is not possible in cubase beacuse the menu is not there.

Any advice would be welcome, thanks in advance .

Additional weird fact, komplete kontrol will play my harddrive sounds in cubase as long as its on channel 1. if i change to channel 2.3,4 and so on it will not play amymore.

When using maschine standalone i can also rescann my plugins and it will “find and update” the sounds on my harddrive over and over again. Ive been to plugin information in cubase and also plugin location in maschine but i cant figure it out

Bump. Please help.