Maschine Midi channel 2 broken

Hi there,

I have set up Maschine to run in Cubase as a 16 midi channel instrument. The problem is every single channel works except MIDI Channel 2. So pad number 2 won’t trigger from played back MIDI that has been sent to cubase from Maschines Midi export feature. Ive tried it again and again numerous times according to many tutorials that pretty much all get you to do the same thing.

Very odd problem to have considering that every single MIDI channel works except 2. So I can’t get any snares into my productions as of now :wink:

Any help would be appreciated.

CUBASE 10 pro
Maschine 2.8.2
Macintosh OSX 10.12.5

Hi and welcome,

Could you add a MIDI Insert MIDI Monitor and verify you send the MIDI data on Channel 2 from the track, please?

Hi there, thanks for your reply.

I inserted the MIDI effect your mentioned and hit the keyboard on Middle C on channel 1 and the results is posted below. Heard the kick drum.
I inserted it on Channel 2 and the result is posted below too. Didn’t hear the snare drum but it came back as Channel 2 in the same way it did with Channel 1. Tried this on many groups in Maschine and also just custom imported .wav files etc. Pad 2 seems to be dead as far as Maschine and Cubase are concerned. It works perfectly fine in standalone.

Is this seeming like a NI issue with the latest Cubase? Or perhaps a problem on my end? Hmmm. Who knows.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 2.49.21 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 2.49.08 pm.png


In the MIDI Monitor I can see the message comes on Channel 2. I just wonder you play C3. I would expect snare on D3. Or am I wrong?

I have maschine set up as 16 outputs and each pad is on its own midi channel which means every note on the keys is the snare on different pitches.

I see. Sorry, I don’t know Machine.

From the pictures it looks the data is sent correct from Cubase.

You said you don’t hear the signal. Can you somewhere in Machine see an incoming MIDI data? Some icon/led? Is the Audio Return routed correctly?

That’s ok Martin I appreciate the help.

Cubase is sending all the midi channels to machine to control it as per normal. Works fine in logic x. Machine is properly set as it is in logic to receive all midi channels from 1-16 but pad 2 (midi channel 2) is dead for some reason. Nothing will make it work.

To answer your question there is nothing in maschine that would indicate that midi channel 2 is being received. The pad is fine in maschine and plays the sound when you tap it.

This is a problem either with current version of maschine or cubase’s wiring that goes into it.

I may have to post in the NI forums I think.