Maschine not found as VST in Cubase AI 6

Hello everyone,

I got cubase with my Yamaha MX 49 purchase and whilst the set up was pretty much straightforward, I find that I am unable to use NI Maschine as a vst. All my other VSTs are found and work, but not maschine. Is there something I have left out? Please advice. Thanks.

Anyone? Please. :cry:

FRIENDLY ADVICE: You might want to wait more than 2.5 hours before bumping a thread. I would imagine that many of the members of this board haven’t been on the site yet today. Good luck with your device.

Thanks for your contribution.

I hope a day or two is enough and okay by you to bump a thread?

Finally, I made a breakthrough! It turned out that all I had to do was point cubase to the folder Maschine is tagged as VST. Seem to be working now. I love it when the plan comes together :mrgreen:

Glad you got it worked out.