Mask MIDI Events - yet another former feature you've removed

When using MIDI and editing data (within key edit as a good example) it would improve workflow dramatically if there were a way of masking events and therefore display only one kind of event. As an example, If a midi track contains notes and a considerable amount of continous controller information as well, Ie, CC7, CC11 plus, let’s say, oodles of pitch bend data as well, it would very difficult (virtually impossible) to work trawlinmg through all this data.

If it were possible to click on an event and them mask everything else then it would be easy to work on one aspect at a time and therefore improve workflow.

You should be aware that this very feature did exist within the old Cubase VST range of products (and was implimented with a single click) yet as soon as the new versions of Cubase were launched (with the seemingly extreme and narrow focus on audio, audio audio…) this feature was ommited. Why? It it policy to continually dismiss [useful] MIDI related features and remove them in an obvious bias towards evermore audio (yawn) features.

Some of us have been loyal MIDI customers for years so look to the past please because there were some very useful features in previous versions. Have you heard the phrase ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!’.

I can only hope, but not with bated breath…

Thank you.

I didn’t actually remember this from VST 5, so I had a look in the manual where there’s no mention of it. Been a long time though, so maybe there was something… The feature was in List Edit then though, and, the current List editor does have it too, just as you described.

Can’t say I understand how this could work in Key Edit, since the piao roll just shows notes, as fa as data goes, and has visibility controls for note expression. Controller lanes are configurable, of course, with key commands to show only used controllers, and presets to configure display…

Hi Steve,

I’m going back to the old days of pre SX. I used to use Cubase VST and with that version when you viewed data in grid edit everything was initially displayed. If (as an example) you highlighted a controller 7 event and select mask then everything except that exact controller would disappear. I found there were many instances whereby I would like to work on just just one event type and I had a preference to grid/list edit. I can use a workaround in key edit by adding various paramater windows but I don’t find it as intuitive. The previous system used one click and this is what I miss. If Steinberg add new features why remove the old ones if it’s not a problem? Another recent example is adding a new time signature change. You can no longer add a new one from within the transport bar, it has to be done from the signature track. I’m sure we all strive for speed and have our own way of working. Whilst there’s often a workaround I wouldn’t refer to it as an improvement. Anyways, thanks for your input Steve. Have a good one.

Here it is 2022 and I went looking for this in Cubase 10.5 and there it is…GONE! WHY???

What type of filtering are you looking for that is not covered already on the Filters Bar?

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Not only is this feature is still in Cubase, it functions exactly the same as it did in Cubase VST.

Focus: Event Types is the same as Cubase VST’s “Mask Event Type”.
Focus: Event Types and Data 1 is the same as Cubase VST’s “Mask Event Exactly”.

Actually it’s a lot more powerful now, because you can use Logical Editor settings as the “mask”, from the same menu.

To enable the Filters bar, you just have to click this button to the top right of the List Editor:

If you think something has gone missing from Cubase, it’s a good idea to take another look at the manual. Odds are that it’s still there.

No, Steinberg isn’t on a mission to bully MIDI users. Cubase was remade from scratch when Cubase SX came out in 2002, and features from Cubase VST had to be readded one by one. Today, most of these features have returned, or better ways of doing the same things exist. New MIDI editing and composition tools continue to be added with every other version of Cubase.

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