Masking Tools?

In those unfortunate instances when objects intersect and there’s nothing you can do about it, are there masking tools to take care of this?

can you share an example?, better a Dorico file.

It really depends exactly what you are trying to do. Some items can be masked by using Text with a non-breaking space set to Erase Background. There’s no control over the drawing order, so it either works or it doesn’t. (There’s no guarantee that it won’t get broken in the future either. Finale did this circa Finale 2008, grrr) They typically will mask barlines though, which can be useful.

If this is in reference to the beaming issue you posted earlier, it does work, it’s just a PITA to get positioned correctly. If I arrange my “blank” text like this …

… then I can get this as a result:

It’s not very fun if you have a lot of them to do. That beaming style is an interesting idea though. It could be a unique and useful feature to have in Dorico as I don’t think any other software supports it either.


For example a gliss line in harp going from the treble stave to the bass stave and it goes across a hairpin.

The Erase Background trick with Text works for that situation too:


@dspreadbury Please, can you consider this kind of beam masking the staff lines as a feature request? Thank you.


Interesting!! it’s too bad that doing this to all the beams on the score is just a very tedious task.

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I did that in a similar thread yesterday by adding a “feature request” tag to the title. Is that the best way?

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Thanks. This is why I would like to see the ability to mask other objects besides just text.