Masking types of text

Might there be a time when we will be able to have certain text mask what is behind them, to help with clarity?
I ask specifically because I have a “port.” text on a gliss. line, and it’s in the staff.
The result is a bit cludgy, since the text tends to blur with the staff lines.

It would be a nice addition. particularly that with computer printing now we can do things that clarify notation which were not really possible in the “before times”.

You can do this with Text and Playing Techniques (at least).

The erase background property in engrave mode.


I do wish it was universally available (Things like tempo markings, dynamics, etc) and also that the amount of padding was adjustable… but the basic functionality does exist.

Also, annoying, it only erases, well, the background, so it won’t cover up things like rests. Just staff and bar lines really.

I was hoping it might be applicable to the diagonal text in a gliss.

You could use a Line.


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you’re going to have to give me more information than that! LOL
I’m still relatively new to Dorico.

where would I find these options?

The Line editor: Click the pencil.

Then + to add a new Line. Name it gliss perhaps. Body Style: Solid Line Body (thin)
Then click on the Line Annotation Editor. At the left side select Category Text.

  • to add new text. Name that one gliss too perhaps) The rest should be clear from the images in my previous post.


And when you add the new Line, make sure you select Note for Start and End at the top:


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ok, I found it all, but for some reason, I can’t make the line be solid (no gap for the text) and have the text above the line.
the image I’ve attached is of just a portamento line, by default as Dorico shows it.
I’d like the same thing, except with the text masking the staff lines behind it.
portamento text

In the Line Annotation Editor there is a checkbox Erase background.
You have to use the Center Annotation option for the text and create your own text annotation.


AH, you want the text above the Line? I thought you wanted like the regular gliss line but erasing the background

OK, select Above for the Annotation.

AHA! I finally found it!
Thank-you so much!

Note that you can press the little star (save as default) in the Line Editor, so that you don’t have to redo the whole thing in another score.



haha! yes, thank-you. that was a lesson I learned early on :slight_smile: