Mass Add text to All Players


I am trying to add Coda Text in my music. I added it to the first part of the score? Do I need to add it to every staff or will it copy it over to every part like sibelius does for its system text? Is that something being addressed later? I don’t want to have to put to Coda on every part of the score so it shows up in the players parts. Its very time consuming and I think it doesn’t look that good.

Or am I doing something wrong? Does Dorico already do this?

Nick Farrell

I’m afraid Dorico doesn’t yet have proper support for repeat instructions like coda, D.S., D.C., and so on. This will be added in a future update.

In the meantime, if you want to do this, you might consider faking things up using a tempo object (Shift+T). Put in e.g. “Allegro”, then use the Text property for the selected tempo object to change the displayed text to e.g. “D.C. al Fine”. Obviously this won’t cause the music to play back in the way you might expect (indeed, it will probably change the tempo, which is probably not ideal), but at least these ersatz repeat instructions, entered as tempos, will automatically appear in each part.


Is this the way to mass add text that can be repeated in all parts - Shift - T? When Coda, DS, and DC are added will I have to enter it on each part or just once on the score (which will appear in each part.)


Does Dorico have an option to add 1.__________ , 2.____________ repeat/volt? I’ve been looking for it for 20 mins and can’t find it

Not at the present. This was specifially stated (among other things currently at works to be included in the future updates) around the launch.

Great, thanks!