Mass Duration Edits

I asked this a while ago, and got a half-way solution here .

So my question is: will such a function exist in the future? I realize it’s not something the majority of people need, but it’s unfortunately integral to my field. I need to create two versions of the same piece, one notated in 2/2 in 8th notes, and one notated in 4/4 with 16ths—ideally without re-writing the entire thing :mrgreen:

If it is far away into the development of Dorico, you may have to export to xml, import into “that other software” run the “halve values” tool, export to xml, import into Dorico and add whatever information was lost in the process (techniques text etc …). This can be surprisingly quick in actual fact. I’ve had to do it once and it was fine

Strange. I got a second notification for your reply Claude.

Yes, I have been using another program to double the values, but it’s incredibly bug-ridden and requires a good deal of deglitching after the process.

The reason you got a second notification is that I mentioned the fact that Daniel wrote on another thread that control-alt-shift-arrow would double or halve values depending of the direction of the arrow. However it doesn’t seem to work at the moment. It’s quite possible that it will work in the next update, since it works on Daniel’s present working build. The only problem with this, is that it would not work on triplets at the moment. When I found out that it did not work at all at the moment, I deleted my comment.

Got it! Thanks anyway :slight_smile: