Mass Midi CC Editor

Dear Steinberg,

The new midi editing tools are great… mostly…

But I’d love to see the ability to draw a “influence curve” to affect the entire project. Rather than open 200 midi events, I’d like to be able to Draw a curve which would affect each events existing CC automation data. It wouldn’t replace it with what I drew, but would affect what’s already there. I may have curves and lines and patterns already in place which create a good performance. I don’t want to overwrite and lose all that data. But I do want to be able to lift up the end of each one so the modwheel crescendos on each part. This is VASTLY different from simply turning up the volume on all tracks with group tracks. I’m talking about mass-editing midi data. If this is not explained well enough, I can illustrate what I mean.

Thank you,


Agree. Being able to edit more regions CC data with the different MIDI editing tools would be great.

I often write orchestral stuff record a region, edit it and copy to other tracks (eg. 8 separate violins). But if I want to change a little bit in the CC data I have to go in to every single copy!
This also goes for volume of the midi notes if you wanna use the MIDI editing tools…

Yeah, that’s exactly why. Cubase as a sequencer for 5 tracks isn’t bad to work with. But any orchestral or film sized projects and the workflow diminishes significantly in the editing process.