Massive Brass Massaker vs. Guitar (live-recording)


i would like to share this multitrack-live-recording with you.

Our rehearsal room is not big enough, so we had to fix some unwanted room-sound-problems in the mix.

That’s why we not used the original microphone track from the guitar. Instead we used a DI-signal, directly from the guitar, so that means none of my pedalboard-effects can be heard on the DI-Track.

Our record engeneer used the original mic-track to hear what my idea for the guitar sound was and than he rebuild my sound with plugins in the DAW. I think he used the waves GTR, not my favourites for guitar, but to be honest, I didn’t get this when I first heard the mix, he told me later, when I’ve already gave the okay for the mix :slight_smile:

Same idea with the drums. Every Kick and Snare beat was manually cut out an than used for triggering drum samples.

So you see a live drummer and a guitar player with a tube amp, but you will hear drum samples and plugin-guitar-sounds.

So let’s have fun!

Hello Martin, this is a great track; so sorry I’m so far behind in listening to what people here are doing! You got a great sound with all these instruments. I would love to hear what the original miked drums sound like. Sure seems that he knows what he’s doing! Same for guitar (I guess that’s you). Beautiful playing! Please post more!