"MASSIVE" Cubase problems

Hello everyone,

Just 2 days ago I have switched to WIN 7 64bit. As far as I can see, things are not running too bad due to the fact that I`ve set up a brandnew PC though I have 2 major problems:

  1. when I load Native Instruments MASSIVE into Cubase 6 and play it, I have noticed that all multi-layered sounds sound distorted whereas all other sounds do perfectly well. In stand-alone mode this problem doesnt occur.

  2. The NOVATION Launch Server + Automap won`t launch when I start Cubase.

    Constructive suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Best wishes


Which Massive version are you using?

V1.1.4, the one found in the KOMPLTE 7 bundle.

Update it to 1.2.1 to get full 64bits support

Thanks a lot, Sonic! I`m just about to download the update.

Hope, that helps!



…and indeed now the multi-layered sounds in MASSIVE work as well!

Thanks again!