How do you guys convince your wives, girlfriends/boyfriends or husbands to LEAVE YOU ALONE to work on a project that needs to be completed in a few days. Listen to this one (and this after 2 weeks being married)…“It feels like we are married for 30 years already!” I can’t go to bed at 20H00 with a massive project a few days away!

"But honey, I’ll do ALL those things next week, but please leave me alone for now!
Which leads me to my next challenge which my charming personality can’t even bypass,…X-rated!!! Grrrr. Can’t win!
How do you guys do it, or am I going to end up an Eunuch?

I don’t have time to take out the trash, mow the lawn, fix a light whatever…!!!

Which phrase is more true:

  1. Marriage is the main cause for a divorce; or
  2. The secret to a happy marriage remains a secret?

No wonder my Red bull and Bio plus usage is beyond overdose.

The secret to a successful marriage is a shed…or a man cave…or a studio…

Jean Sibelius had a wife and five daughters. He also demanded that his house be without plumbing or electricity so that the sounds of those systems working wouldn’t distract him. He had one of the upstairs bedrooms converted into a studio, and the family had a strict rule: When Daddy is in the studio with the door shut, be quiet or go outside and play quietly out there. (In the outhouse perhaps?)

As to how he managed to have five daughters given his attitude, I have no clue.

Being polyamorous, I practice open communication with a strict frame of self confidence and setting boundaries.

My yes is a yes, my no is a no.

My experience: you can’t fix such things punctually - it has to be a basic principle of life. Setting boundaries 24 / 7 and not taking disrespect from anyone.

How?!? Just DO it, lock yourself in an deliver. No distractions

First, I think you’re absolutely wrong writing about these types of problems in a public forum. Second, your post shows major disrespect to the woman that you married.

If your wife read this, how do you think she would respond? You are 2 weeks into being married. You have a lot to learn on what it means and what it takes to have a successful marriage. You’re supposed to lift each other up not put each other down. If you can’t grasp this you will be divorced.

It’s time to grow up, pull up your trousers and figure out how both your needs can be met.

Enjoy your honeymoon period. This is a very precious time.

Buy a copy of ‘men are from mars, women are from venus’ and read it together…

it’s all in there :wink:

It’s quite simple if it is primary income and substantial enough to pay morgage, then prioritize.
If it’s just a hobby (read no critical income attached) prioritize accordingly…