Massive no longer responds to CC mappings

When I started using VST Live I built some presets in Native Instruments Massive using the standalone version of Massive. I added a macro knob mapped to CC1 and saved the sounds as .nmsv files. I then added a Layer in VST Live with the Massive plugin, loaded up the .nmsv file and it all worked fine, the mod wheel on my MIDI controller controlled the macro knob in Massive without any additional setup.

In of VST Live though, the CC mapping doesn’t work for new Layers that use Massive. I can add a new Layer with the Massive plugin but the mod wheel no longer controls anything mapped to CC1, and when right-clicking on a macro knob in Massive to assign a MIDI controller, the MIDI mapping controls are greyed out. Existing layers work fine though!

I’ve checked the Layer Controller Map which has the correct mapping from CC1 to CC1 so I’m not sure what’s going on. It also only seems to affect Massive. Kontakt and Arturia Pigments (the only other VSTs I use live) work as expected.


If I copy an existing Layer which contains Massive into a new song part and load a new .nmsv file, the Mod Wheel works as expected, but any CC mappings that are in the new nmsv that weren’t in the original don’t.

First try the lates prerelease (see
Then, we haven’t changed much with controller mapping except for pgm chg/bank select issues. It looks like a special problem, you said yourself it works with other plugins. That makes it hard to help, sorry. You should check the Midi Monitor if your CCs get sent as required.

The MIDI monitor shows the messages coming in fine, there’s some disconnect between VSTL and the plugin. I’m not sure why it’s only affecting new layers though as every layer that uses Massive uses the same plugin.

When a new Layer is created, it uses the template saved with “Save Default Layer”. So select a working Layer, and apply “Layers/Save default Layer”, does that work?