Massive X not working in 10.5

Massive X and Kontakt 6 have both been blacklisted in 10.5. I have re-activated Massive X but it does not play ball and I often lose the sound despite it showing in M X. I am running the latest versions of both. Unfortunately the fact that Native Instruments seem to have run down their support department and ported it to the Forums does not help much. Does anyone have a similar tale to tell?

Both working fine here, no blacklisting.

Make sure Cubase only sees the 64 bit versions. Native Access normally installs 32 bit versions also.

I only load the 64 bit versions and it is those that are being blacklisted.

Both Massive X and Kontakt 6 working fine here in 10.5 on Windows 10 1909. You sig says you’re on Windows 8.1 – could that be the problem?

No, I forgot to update my signature. Thanks for reminding me.

I assume this problem has been solved? If so can anyone share how it was resolved? I am dealing with this exact problem