Massive X?

Has anyone tried Massive X yet?
It looks like it’s going to be cool but apparently they have an issue with preset management right now that crashes every DAW it comes in contact with.
It will be interesting to see how quickly they can patch it.
I’m going to wait until they resolve their issues before I use it on a track.

There is also an issue with current users and AVX CPU compatibility, NI state 90% of their customers have compatible cpu’s I dont think it’s as high as that.

I did give it a try, it looked very interesting, but it crashed Cubase every time. I’ve seen many reports online, so I think we just have to wait until they fix it. Anyone who has news relative to Cubase, please post it.

So many complaints, it’s not looking good for NI. The things Massive needed improving, they completely ignored, the things it did well, they broke.

I have been using it with no crashes for over a week.

My impressions based ONLY on the presets are mostly…average. I have not spent the time to create my own presets. I imagine soon there will be preset creators doing the hard part for those who like to spend money on presets. To be honest, for myself, the Massive cool sounds were created over the years by some very creative and smart Massive users. I only know the basics.

For Mac users…AVX…(I didn’t even know what AVX is) it appears to be another general loss.

My biggest negative is that this appears to be horribly rushed out the door! No midi learn. No tool tips. Poor GUI feedback. Not even a stand-alone versioni!

I’m biased. I loved NI when it was a innovative leader beginning with Reaktor 20 years ago. Reaktor blew me away and I junked Seer Systems Reality immediately. Even Dave Smith lost interest with his Reality. I think NI was at their innovative peak with Kore. After Kore…the downfall…Maschine, endless sample packs, James Walker Hall and most importantly Stephan Schmidt leaving NI. Today it seems much more marketing of sounds, outsourcing and re-inventing tools. Their photo advertisements of the cool kids in the studio really turn me off. But…that’s where the money is, and NI knows it.