Master 1/2 output to IAA (Audreio)

I want to test my mixes through the iPhone speaker, without going through the length mixdown process, then transferring the file device to device. It takes too long each time I make a small adjustment.

If there were a way to listen to a mix on a phone while adjusting tracks, it would shorten the process significantly.

Apparently Audreio is designed to do that. But, their DAW plug-in isn’t available on IOS (don’t we all face that disappointment when we find a great new plug-in?). The free iOS app does support IAA.

Before I go experimenting and possibly wasting time, can anyone (Lars too) tell me if they’ve output the master channel 1/2 to IAA?

If someone has tried Audreio, all the better!


Answered my own question.

Loaded Audreio (it’s free) on both devices. After playing around a bit, I got Cubasis to feed Audreio vis IAA, and connected it to Audreio in the iPhone.

Voila, I can hear my mix on the iPhone as I adjust it.

I’m not sure how accurately this reflects a mixdown played on the same device. I will experiment further and report back.

Well, you can start up AUM, create an Audio track in there and plug in Cubasis as an Inter-App Audio Source and go from there to test if it’s the Master channel. Afaik it is the Master Channel.

That was my first thought. I tried using AUM, but for some reason I couldn’t attach Audreio immediately as an output. It’s been a while since I’ve used AUM.

However, I found that I was able to select Cubasis directly from Audreio, at which point audio began to flow directly without another “host” app.

Thanks for the help SkullHQX, though!

It seems you and I are thinking in a parallel fashion. I look forward to exchanging information as we go forward.

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