master bus output deleted

I accidentally deleted the stereo master output bus from VST connections. When trying to add a new output bus, I only have the option to add a stereo bus which is not the master. Due to this, the tracks are not being routed to the master output and the project file has become effectively useless.

Is there any way to restore the stereo master output bus so that normal functionality is restored? I would hate to have import all of the wav files into a new project file. Please help.

You create a new bus, define it as Main out, then simply re-route the tracks back to the new master…

I am unable to create a new “master” output bus. I can only create a new stereo output bus which is physically routed to outputs on the interface itself. It will not bus the inputs to the master output fader basically and creating new buses will not route there.

Which will become your new master when set as Main Mix.

You need to go through all of your tracks and set the output to the new master bus. When you deleted it, they became Not Connected.

Okay I think that makes sense. If I understand correctly, from each track I can assign the sends to a newly created stereo output bus. Is that correct? Unfortunately, I don’ t have the project file in question accessible right now.

Yes, via the Inspector for each track, select the correct bus for the output.

Wow. I figured it was a quick fix but now I just feel dumb. Thanks for the help. I will give it a try when I get a moment but that seems to be the answer I was looking for.

Don’t thank me yet, make sure that’s the issue. ;^)

This is where I am at

Set Stereo Out as main mix.
Assigned all tracks to Stereo Out.
Bars to the right that say Stereo Out are moving where they weren’t before they were assigned.
There is no sound.

Unfortunately, I am unable to directly troubleshoot. This is 2nd hand information from my partner. Am I correct in assuming the tracks are routed to physical outputs on the device instead of the master track output?

No, quite certainly, the Master out is not connected to a physical output / are connected to the wrong physical outputs of your audio interface…

Okay well the “stereo output” channel which has apparently become the new “master” shows audio but no sound is outputted. On the rest of the project files there are no issues. I was thinking maybe this stereo output was somehow routed to a physical output on the device since it shows audio activity but no actual audio is heard like it is on the other projects.

If it was routed to physical output, there wozuld be sound on this physical output if it is not routed to a physical output there will not be any sound. I suggest, you start reading the manual, to at least get a basic idea of how things work…

Why not post a couple of screenshots of your VST Connections and routing :bulb:

Wow you’re a helpful one! I meant a physical output other than the headphone jack. Nevermind. I would suggest not posting unless you have something helpful to say.

Thanks I will try to do so soon.

Ah, the headphone jack - of course I should have known you´re using the headphone jack, just as I should know the interface that headphone jack is assembled on, simply by reading the wealth of usefull info you´re providing…
I would suggest not to feel insulted, when someone gives you the advice to do a little bit of self investigation especially when it´s quiute obvious you´re missing some basics…

Damn you are full of yourself. I was hoping you would take my whole advice thing about not posting unless you are going to be helpful. If you needed additional info you could have asked instead of being an ass. Some of us are not computer or recording wizards. When reading through manuals and spending hours on an issue I thought that maybe the forum would likely be a good place to turn for additional help. Thanks for all of yours!

Turns out that the output was routed to a stereo line output on the back of the device like I thought might be possible.

:angry: :frowning: :astonished: :open_mouth: :question:

What there should be, is a requirement that we list our system details and audio device in our sig here in the Cubase forum. Since there is no such requirement members should go to the trouble on their own. Those who like to help would have a better time of it if this was the case.

There is such a diverse user base, from seasoned recording engineers and pro composers to people just starting out and everything in between.

Thinkingcap’s style might be dry and less verbose than you would like, but if you look through his posts he is pretty much 100% of the time on target.

This is a community, and some of these people have been posting consistently helpful info literally for more than a decade. I have learned tons here, and a bunch form thinkingcap. (difference between musical mode and time base comes to mind)

My opinion is that you should show the same restraint in yelling at people in this virtual community as you would in the actual world. It is very easy to act tough from behind the screen. No one’s perfect, and we all have emotions.

End screed.