Master bus settings are always lost in the audiomontage project

Hello everyone and a happy new year! I’m having an issue with the master bus when saving my audiomontage. When I save my projects that contain plugins on both track and master channels, the master bus settings are reset and all effects are cleared every time I reopen the project. This doesn´t happen with the track channel bus, all plugins and settings are still there. How to properly save the audiomontage, it doesn´t work with the file - save as … menu. The only thing that works is saving the master bus with all plugins and active plugin settings as a preset. But this can´t be the solution.

The Master Section is not automatically saved and/or loaded with an Audio Montage. This is one of my biggest annoyances with WaveLab and why I don’t use the Master Section for any plugin processing.

I find that Clip Effects for per song plugins and Montage Output Effects for final master fader/bus output plugins gets the job done, and those two plugin areas (along with Track Effects if you want to use them) are all saved and recalled easily with the Master Section.

There is a way to Auto Save the Master Section with an Audio Montage but I don’t know how much I trust it (or myself to remember to be careful) and you still have to load the Master Section when reopening the Audio Montage.

My solution is to just avoid the Master Section for anything other than the Playback Processing slots which are quite useful.

If you do want to save the Master Section settings with the Audio Montage, there is a small star in the bottom right corner but again, I don’t trust myself to always remember to do this.

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Thanks Justin, very helpful!
I don´t understand the purpose of offering plugin slots in the master section but not a way to save them within my project…
I will now save my plugins the way you described, should be ok to continue working.

Yeah, that is why I personally call it the “Global” Master Section, because it’s not automatically saved or loaded with any particular Audio Montage or audio file in the Audio Editor. Attached is a screen shot of that little star for saving/loading the Master Section settings with the focused file/montage.

Essentially, it needs to be separately saved and loaded for each montage and/or audio file which I personally don’t care for, but others seem to tolerate or prefer.

For my purposes, Clip Effects and Montage Output Effects get the job done 100% and are always saved with part of the Audio Montage, no question.

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Justin calls it a “global” master; I think of it as a master for the application rather than the project. It’s the same idea.

The thing that you would normally call your master bus is the Montage Output.

Unlike Justin, I do have plugins in my Master section - but they aren’t intended to change the delivered audio, and I bypass the master section when rendering.

I do use those slots for meters that I prefer to WL’s meters as well as monitoring-only things like Simulathe Ref and encoder preview plugins.

I prefer having it set up this way because I can keep those specific plugins completely out of my render path, but they always open with WL.

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Right, to clarify, do use the Playback Processing section of the Master Section because you can set it to always load with the same configuration every time you open WaveLab which is handy for additional metering, room correction, headphone correction, etc. and as mentioned, not be in danger of being in the rendering path, or influencing the other internal metering of WaveLab.

I use the Saving master section all the time, and works well :slight_smile: it saves within your montage, it will also re-load your last saved master section automatically when loading WL, but its not montage specific

as Justin said you need to remember to re-load the master section it if switching between projects (its the little star bottom right) and it can catch you out, but if you use it regularly it becomes muscle memory

it would be nice for auto loading of saved master sections when opening a specific montage, but understand why WL doesn’t do it as I regularly have multiple montages open and cpu usage aside I think would rather do it manually, so I know ive got the right master chain loaded

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